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Guggenheim Coffee

12,70 € / Piece
incl. Vat. plus Delivery costs
Price per Kilogramm 25,40 €
FULL TASTE and FINEST CREMA, low acidity and bitterness.

Italian product, extra slow roasted

Manufacturer: Guggenheimer

Price incl all variants
incl. Vat.
Delivery: 10 days

7,50 € to Germany

Categories: Our favourites
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FULL TASTE and FINEST CREMA for your enjoyment - little acidity and bitterness.

During normal industrial roasting, the coffee beans are roasted for approx. 2- 5 minutes at very high temperatures.  The result is coffee that often tastes far too acidic and bitter. We take extra time to carefully roast Guggenheimer Coffee slowly for up to 30 minutes.

Unwanted acids and bitter substances are thus gently avoided or reduced.

Guggenheimer Coffee tastes different from many coffees in Germany, which are often made from 100% Arabica beans and are somewhat acidic. For the taste experience, as you know it from Italian coffee bars, we use high-quality Robusta beans. These give GUGGENHEIMER COFFEE its nutty, chocolatey, slightly earthy and full aroma. During the extraction process a rich and and firm crema are created. Best espresso for fully automatic machines and portafilter, barista quality.

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