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shipping costs at a glance

Information inclusive vat
Austria19,00 EUR
Belgium15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Bulgaria15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Croatia15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Cyprus15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Czechia15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Denmark15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Estonia15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
France15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Germany8,50 EUR
Free delivery for purchases over50,00 EUR
Hungary15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Ireland15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Italy15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Latvia15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Lithuania15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Luxembourg15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Malta15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Netherlands15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Norway15,50 EUR
Poland15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Portugal15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Romania15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Slovakia15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Slovenia15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Spain15,50 EUR +0,91 EUR / kg
Switzerland15,50 EUR +2,19 EUR / kg

Packets which are beyond the maximum weight or maximum dimensions have to be send by a forwarding company.
If any additional costs occur you will be informed in advance.