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New bottles

On : 19. Jan 2024 / In : All

Gabriella's salad dressing, the tasty, creamy, light dressing is still very much the old family-style dressing after a slight change to the recipe. The aim was to achieve a significantly longer shelf life without using preservatives. This goal has now been achieved.

The design of the bottles has been updated - but the taste is still uniquely delicious. Instead of the brown bottles, white bottles are now used, which present our delicious salad dressing with almost 100 years of family history in a modern and simple way. To avoid confusion, the lactose-free, vegetarian version has golden lids. The classic salad dressing is sold with black lids.

We are looking forward to spring and summer, when we will once again be presenting our salad dressing at Landpartien and talking to lots of gourmets!

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