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Back to the tried and true bottles

On : 18. Jun 2024 / In : All

"Back to the roots" is an old proverb to return to a state before, which is why Gabriella's salad dressing will be available again from May onwards in the popular Bordeaux bottles in 750 ml (€19.90) and 375 ml (€10.90) bottles. Our regular customers have repeatedly called for the "old" bottles, which many consider to be of better quality and more attractive.

We have also returned to our roots in another respect, as Gabriella's salad dressing is now produced using cold production again. As we therefore had to adapt the recipe, we have removed all animal ingredients and replaced them with plant-based ones. Gabriella's salad dressing is now lactose-free, vegan and preservative-free in all variants.

We have made some changes to the original recipe of our product with its long family history, but we are convinced that we can offer the best possible product after this process. First and foremost, of course, is the taste, which is now as it was before the change due to the cold production. However, we have worked on the consistency to make the sauce flow even better.

Gabriella's salad dressing now delights the palates of our regular customers and is sure to win over new fans!

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