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Gabriellas salad dressings

About 100 years ago, an extraordinary woman called Emilie stood in her kitchen and thought about how she could spoil her family with a particularly tasty salad dressing. She experimented, tasted and mixed a dressing that everyone liked. This was the birth of the family recipe for Gabrielle's salad dressing.

The family members kept the recipe and passed it on. They made the dressing again and again for their own private use. Gabriella, the granddaughter of the resourceful cook Emilie, finally came up with the idea of producing and selling the sauce professionally. In 2004, the idea became reality and since then, Gabriella's salad dressing has been bottled and sold throughout Germany by distribution partners in bricks-and-mortar retail outlets and can also be ordered in this online shop.

Gabrielle's salad dressing has a delicate mustard flavour and is very creamy. It goes well with almost all salads and is also suitable as a dip for grilled meat, fish, jacket potatoes and potato salad. Refined with chives, cocktail tomatoes and hard-boiled, chopped egg, the salad dressing turns into a delicious dip that goes perfectly with cold vegetables or artichokes.

In keeping with the spirit of the inventor, the family also moves with the times and accepts new challenges. That is why there is now also a lactose-free and therefore vegetarian version of the salad dressing. In addition, the original recipe has recently been slightly modified to achieve a longer shelf life. However, this does not change the deliciously savoury taste of the product. Only the best, natural ingredients are still used in the production process.

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